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Heathrow Escorts
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Heathrow is popular name for the area surrounding the Heathrow Airport, the most busy and technologically advanced airport in the world. Well over two hundred thousand Helen Busty Escortpassengers pass through Heathrow, DAILY! None of the airports in the world can handle that kind of traffic. All of five terminals that are housed in Heathrow are pretty much shopping malls on their own, with numerous restaurants, duty free shops and currency exchange stands and various places to buy your tremendously overpriced and appalling coffee before or after your flight.

Heathrow is surrounded by hotels, both cheap and exclusive to suit everyones wallet size and taste, you can take a direct bus or a cheapish taxi to most of them, some even got some kind of free transportation for clients that have booked a room in advance. Heathrow is also well connected with the rest of London by tube and bus stations, or you could rent a car if you feel like driving around town. All of those things make Heathrow an amazing place to settle while you are in London, close proximity to the city centre, good communication and such a huge range of places to stay in.

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