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Staines, also known as Staines upon Thames is a town located along the River Thames in Borough of Spelthorne in Surrey, like most of the towns in the area it was part of Megan Brunette EscortMiddlesex until 1965.

It is about thirty kilometers away from London City, Charing Cross to be exact. Two whole villages are within borders of Staines for some reason, namely Laleham, Stanwell and Wraysbury. Most of Staines’ landmarks are located within those villages, old building, churches and stuff like that. There are also several business focused areas within.

Staines is situated about four meters about the level of water in River Thames, there are no woods whatsoever, but has numerous parks and leisure centres instead. Also a football club that doubles as a conference center and a few research and technology facilities. Heathrow is located five kilometers away from Staines, which makes the town a great place to spend a night if you are waiting for another flight, or to just stay and explore.

Staines is also a great place to meet new people in its numerous pubs, bars and restaurants. It does have a slight primitive feel but I personally enjoy that from time to time. Several escort agencies are also growing in the area, offering their services to this quiet community.

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